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 DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars UT   "Sarge" is our male that has proven himself as a outstanding Sire  
Sarge was Ranked in 2014 by the GWPCA as one of the Top Producing Sires of Field Trail and Show dogs, he is a sire of multiple NAVHDA Breeders Award litters and is only one of only Eleven GWPCA ROM Supreme Sire
                                            DC/AFC   Dual Shot's Behind Bars  UT
                                                    GWPCA ROM Supreme Sire                     

                                                    AKC & NAVHDA  Registered                                   

                 OFA  Hips good / Elbows normal / Thyroid normal / Cardiologist normal  / VWD clear / Eyes CERF: CHIC #72893
DC AFC  Dual Shot's Behind Bars UT  "Sarge"  is our outstanding young male that has proven himself in the field, show ring and as a top producing Sire.  He has been CHIC health cleared and is now standing at stud to approved bitches.

Sarge is a true natural versatile hunting dog.  He has a strong stylish point with a natural honor and a great love for the water which makes him a good choice to use with our NAVHDA bred bitches to add style or to our field bred bitches to add a stronger desire for water work.

Sarge is a sire of;  National AKC Championship Field winner, National Bird Dog circuit Pointing Dog of the Year, National Top Dual Futurity Winner, AKC Dual Champions, AKC Master Hunter and Show Champions, Multiple NAVHDA UT Prize 1, Multiple NA Prize 1, Multiple Breeder Awards Litters and NSTRA Champoin.

Sarge is a GWPCA  ROM Supreme Sire

Sarge's daughter was the 2016 GWPCA's National Championship Field Trial Champion, with his young son winning reserve in both the 2016 National Field Derby and National Field Futurity

Sarge was Ranked #1 Combined Gun Dog for 2012 and also that year earned the Northwest Field Trial Council Top GWP Award.

In 2013 Sarge was Canada's third Top Amateur Pointing Dog and the number one GWP Pointing Dog.

In 2014 Sarge was Top GWP in the Championship Walking Field Trial and earned his NAVHDA UT Title
He is ranked in 2014 as one of  the GWPCA Top Producing Sire's of Field Trial and Show dog  

In 2016 Sarge place 3rd in the GWPCA National Championship Field Trial

Sarge is Co-owned by Dual Shot Kennels and is now at home with his owners Wayne & Kim Yamashita. 

For more information on availability to  Sarge contact Wayne Yamashita,  E-mail wayne.yamashita@yahoo.com  or call Ph. 503-705 -7217

  DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars UT
​         GWPCA ROM Supreme Sire

           ~~~~~    SARGE   ~~~~~

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  DC AFC Dual Shot's Behind Bars UT     

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 GWPCA ROM Supreme Sire